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Kombra explains why pay came late for teachers and public servants

PNG Education Secretary
Dr.Uke Kombra tells why pay
for some teachers and public
servants came late. 
A delay in getting the latest fortnightly pay for teachers and public servants was explained over the weekend.

The Acting Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra, has clarified the rationale behind the delay experienced in the payment of salaries for teachers and public servants last fortnight (Pay # 25/2015).

Dr Kombra said the delay happened due to the change in payment processes with the Department of Finance.

The former processes included cheques being generated by the Alesco System for all commercial banks for those employees with bank accounts in various commercial banks. These cheques were then collected by the payroll officers and released to each commercial bank.

“However for Pay Number 25/2015, no cheques were generated by Alesco for the different commercial banks. Instead, the Department of Finance organised an internal transfer of funds with the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) to the commercial banks,” Dr Kombra explained.

He added that the action taken by the Department of Finance is in line with the BPNG’s Kina Automated Transfer System (KATS) which is aimed at doing away with cheque payment so that funds can be electronically transferred

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