Goverment's move draconian in nature, says PNG Media Council

The PNG Media Council says moves by the Government to establish a Media Appeals Tribunal is draconian in nature.
In a statement, the Media Council says the proposed plan by the Communications Minister Jimmy Miringtoro, to establish the Tribunal to address what he described as deliberate misinformation, spreading of falsities and malice on social media and the mainstream, is not good.
The Council says, the proposed plan is a dangerous precedent, which could see politicians determine and influence news content in PNG, leading to state censorship, loss of Press Freedom and eventually Freedom of Expression in PNG.
It says the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press and freedom of expression and information, which ensures PNG is a thriving democracy.
The Media Council says the government should instead use the Press Complaints Committee within the auspices of the PNG Media Council if they wish to address the issue of misreporting.
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