December 13, 2015


PORT MORESBY: Fighting corruption in the country should be everyone’s business, Opposition Leader Don Pomb told a gathering in Port Moresby today (Wednesday).
Mr Polye said it should not only be the duty of the law enforcing agencies, Transparency International or other relevant agencies, citing PNG’s corruption index being the worst globally.
He, however, expressed concerns over less funding or if not non-funding of the Ombudsman Commission and Task Force Sweep, saying the law and justice sector saw a cut of K100 million in 2016 Budget.
He said when he was in government, he advocated for eradicating corruption in the country,
He added that he pushed for the establishment of Independent Commission Against Corruption, Sovereign Wealth Fund and Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative.
The SWF, he said, now PNG has is not within the aspirations of the Santiago principle which is international best practice, adding it only suited ‘political expediency.’
“We all must not only take a holistic approach in bring corruption to an end.
“We must also advocate on corruption and enhance transparency,” said Mr Polye when speaking at a gathering to mark the international anti-corruption day today (Wednesday).
He said he got frustrated when the perpetrators were still at large and not prosecuted.
“What is the use of the law enforcement agencies?
“If I commit an offence, I am happy to hand myself in to police for arrest and prosecution,” he said.
Polye, as a father, challenged fellow parents and guardians to instil upright values and character on their children to develop a culture of righteousness.
“As a father, I fight corruption for my children’s future.
“As a country, we should develop an identity of uprightness so that the whole world can see us as a clean country,” said Mr Polye.
He has called on the Prime Minister to take a lead in this, saying the government should not be seen as ‘the people’s enemy but as caring and loving.’
“The parliament’s perspective of addressing corruption in the extractive and renewable sectors should be through the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative and the Sovereign Wealth Fund,” said Mr Polye.
He said Independent Commission against Corruption among others was also a vehicle for fighting corruption in the country and that they should be well-funded to dispense justice.

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