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Digicel PNG Foundation invests over K11.2 million in the country

Over K11.2 million has been invested in various community based projects reaching and touching over a hundred thousand young and old lives in the space of two years.
This was revealed by Digicel PNG Foundation at the launch of the Foundations 2014-2015 Annual Report.
Chairman of the Foundation Mr Douvere Haoda who recently took over from former Mr Richard Kassman told representatives of its partners and the media that it has be
en an impressive year for the Foundation, in terms of achieving their focus and commitment on its 5 focus areas of Access to basic education, access to basic health, community building, services for people with special needs and addressing violence.
“Our objective was to strengthen our footprint right across the 89 Districts in the country and I’m delighted to mention, that has been achieved and we are looking to consolidate our footprints in the local governments.” 
“The goal is not just to built an infrastructure and leave that out in the community, it’s also to strengthen a conducive environment for basic Education and as well as take basic health services to the doorstep of our remote villages and also building the capacity of socially marginalised Papua New Guineans so they can meaningfully participate in our country’s development,” says Mr Haoda.
The report shows 58 classrooms built in 29 schools inclusive of solar lighting, water and Sanitation giving 1, 800 young students and improved learning environment. While 5 schools were lucky recipients of 5 fully stocked libraries inclusive of library books, furniture, solar lighting and desktop computers.
Furthermore, 68 community base teachers graduated with basic teacher’s certificate equipping them with sound knowledge to effectively deliver early childhood learning and development programs.
In their focus and commitment to Health the Foundations 5 mobile clinics aimed to strengthen basic health services for the Rural Health centres has collectively treated 111, 556 people that do not have access to basic health service.
The report also shows that 82 People Living with Disabilities were impacted by their Community Based Rehabilitation Program thus enabling them to benefit from services and actively participate in their communities.
While a further more 3, 300 people from socially marginalised communities were also equipped with basic business skills in terms of basic financial literacy skills and even important social agendas such as Gender based violence and it’s dramatically improved the participants outlook on how they can collectively and actively improve their communities.
“Moving forward to the financial year of 2015-2016 Digicel PNG Foundation will continue to collaborate with its partners to empower people in communities through building sustainable and meaningful projects and programs focussing on the areas of Education and health,” concludes Mr Haoda.
Since coming into operation in 2008, Digicel PNG Foundation has invested K45million in their 7 years of existence directly impacting the lives over 400, 000 people in the rural and remote communities of PNG.

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