December 24, 2015

Bougainville budget on Economic development, Peace and Security

The ABG Budget handed down by the Minister for Finance Planning and Treasury, Albert Punghau also looks at Economic Development, Peace and Security and Human Development.

In his Budget speech, Mr.Punghau said that funds have been allocated for Rural Electrification, Water and Sanitation.

Mr. Punghau said that a substantial funding is allocated towards Road Sealing Projects, Feeder roads and Shipping for the remote areas of Bougainville and the Atolls.

He said that the Draw-down of Powers and the awareness on the Bougainville Peace Agreement also features in the 2016 ABG Budget.

The Minister for Finance also said that the National Government will continue to provide Grant Funding for the Salaries of ABG Ministers and Members of the House of Representatives through a new grant type (ABG Parliamentary Services Allowances) with funding totaling NINE MILLION KINA.