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Bmobile-Vodafone announces free calls on Christmas Day

Bmobile-Vodafone in PNG announced free calls on Christmas day. This means all calls between bmobile-vodafone numbers will not be charged on Christmas day ie 25 December 2015.  The mobile company posted the following promotion on its website.

Who is eligible to make free calls as part of the promotion from bmobile-vodafone?

All bmobile-vodafone PNG subscribers are eligible to be part of this promotion. This promotion is not extended to bmobile-vodafone Solomon Islands subscribers.

Will new connections get the benefit of the promotion?
All active connections bought before the time the promotion finishes will be eligible to benefit from the promotion.

What does a subscriber get as part of this promotion?
Any bmobile-vodafone PNG subscriber can call any other bmobile-vodafone number in PNG. The free calls are not valid when subscriber is roaming in Australia, Solomon Islands or any other country.

What is the period of this promotion?
The above promotion is available from 12AM to 11:59PM on 25 December 2015

Does the user have to subscribe to this promotion? Is there a charge for the subscription?
No. There is no need to subscribe, all users of bmobile-vodafone numbers can avail of this promotion for no extra cost.

Any benefits for subscribers of unlimited voice bundles?
No. The subscribers of unlimited voice bundles get unlimited free calls to all bmobile-vodafone through the validity period of the bundle only. There will be no extension of validity or any form of rebate for unlimited voice bundle users.
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