Arawa roads upgraded

In a major boost to the Arawa town economy, Australia and the Autonomous Bougainville Governments have completed upgrades to eight key town roads. The K4.3 million works by contractors Dekenai, Bougainville Earth

Works, Kompaini, Ioro Roadworks, Central Bougainville Engineering and Eastrac have improved safety and reduced travel times on Arawa’s roads and provided jobs for more than 100 people from the
local area.
Local business owner, Bertha Lorenz, noted that in the past potholes and poor road condition had made travel slow in Arawa Town and increased maintenance costs on her vehicle.
”It now takes much less time to bring clients to my guesthouse and go to the market or bank. It is a smoother ride not having to swerve to avoid potholes, and pedestrians in town are now safer.”
The project builds on previous Australian funded road works between
Morgan Junction and Tunuru as well as the regular maintenance of
Bougainville’s main trunk road and the loop from Arawa south through Buin, Tonu, Sovele, Jaba and Panguna.
Australia’s acting High Commissioner, Bronte Moules, was pleased to note the sustained improvements to Bougainville’s transport network. “The completion of this project sees a better connected town with
easier access to essential services such as the hospital, market, police
barracks and schools. The new road surface also helps to support the business enabling environment in Bougainville. These most recent works build on Australia’s previous support sealing four different
roads in Arawa in 2012.”
The project included provision for new line markings for junctions as well as over 25 roads safety signs.
This project is funded by the Australian Aid Program and delivered through the Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP).
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