November 23, 2015

Taiwan seeks PNG’s support

Taiwan is soliciting Papua New Guinea’s support for observer status at the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) Conference of Parties (COP) 21 in Paris, France, which begins on Monday.  

Taiwan, which is not a member of the UN, has written to Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato asking for PNG’s support for observer status at this global conference.

Taiwan Trade Mission representative Herman Chiu told Pato that Taiwan was bidding to participate under the name  Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

“As the department is aware, climate change is a serious global threat which requires a strong commitment to greenhouse gas emission reduction, as well as participation and cooperation of all stakeholders to tackle,” Chiu told Pato.  Taiwan has proven to have what it takes to become an important part of the global solution.” Despite its exclusion from the UN, Taiwan had been actively involved.