November 27, 2015

Secretary Korni thank donors for supporting Capacity Building in the Public Service

Engaging young Officers training overseas is a bonus to the PNG public service and the country as a whole. Communication and Information Secretary, Mr Paulias Korni said this while welcoming back a group of his Department Officers back from China and Japan at a recent luncheon at Golden Bowl restaurant in Port Moresby.
Secretary Korni expressed deep appreciation to the Government of China, Japan and India for the opportunity accorded to undergo upmarket ICT training
These programs have been facilitated in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs under the existing bilateral cooperation programs with PNG.
“I’d like to see increased capacity building in the Department and to see young Papua New Guinea talent given the opportunity and exposure overseas to experience technology application from an outside perspective,” he said.
He wants to see his line managers to identify short term high impact training opportunities for Department and National Data Center of the Integrated Government Information System (IGIS) staff, to enable PNG to be in par with the emerging technological advances.
He said this will add value and exposure to the officers and motivate them to contribute effectively to the development of PNG through the public service.
Mr. Korni added that training overseas will also enable officers to learn personal development aspects, like inter personal communication, dressing standards and general outlook of life.
He challenged his Officers to enhance themselves as leaders in their own level of work, and encouraged the young talent to contribute effectively and efficiently with pride and confidence.
He further stated that training both overseas and nationally will up skilled officers to be more knowledgeable in what they do.
The Department looks forward to the New Year, 2016 to implement the programs in the communication sector with sector agencies like NICTA and NBC through the high level of skilled and competent ICT personnel.
The Department will continue to collaborate and seek training opportunities for his Officers in the New Year and beyond.
Officers who have undertaken the training include; Mr Allan Long, ICT Infrastructure Advisor, IT Manager, Mr Hera John, Research and Policy Officer Mr Billy Seri, Photo Journalist, Ms Michelle Jerewai (China) Mr Ben Sike,(JICA, Japan) Mr Daniel Kautu to undergo training in the new year (India).
All expenses were met by the donor partners.
Secretary Korni also congratulated an officer Steven Nining who has undertaken law studies at the University of Papua New Guinea sponsored by the Department. Mr Nang has completed Legal Training at the Legal Training Institute and has returned to work with the Department.