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PNG Airlines rebrands with ATR 72-600 aircraft

PNG Air is delighted to announce that the first of its brand new ATR 72-600 aircraft arrived in PNG and was officially launched on 4 November 2015. The airline will have 3 of these aircraft operating by the end of March 2016, 5 by the end of 2016 and 7 by the end of 2017.

This is the culmination of a lengthy project by the airline to choose the right aircraft for its operations and the travelling public into the future – the most important decision any airline has to make and the most vital to get right.

PNG Air chose the ATR 72-600 because it is the most modern turboprop aircraft for regional operations in PNG’s rugged conditions. The ATR is a proven success, coming from the world’s leading manufacturer in the 50 to 70 seat turboprop market.

The main strengths of the aircraft are its unbeatable operating costs, high reliability, versatility and passenger comfort. Added together, these factors made the ATR the clear choice for PNG Air.

The ATR is tailored for regional operations, with the ability to operate into runways that are short, unpaved and at altitude, while maintaining effective payloads and low fuel use.

From the passenger’s perspective, the ATR offers the widest cabin in the turboprop market, new seats, more baggage room and a greater feeling of space – plus the reliability to get you there on time and every time.

Below the surface, the ATR offers technology exceeding current technical, safety and maintenance requirements, and significantly enhancing operational safety.

In summary, the aircraft offers our customers efficiency, reliability and comfort. It is able to service more routes, across more of PNG, at the lowest operating cost.  It offers versatile freight options.  It fits neatly into the airline’s strategy to service regional markets effectively through lowering the cost of air travel.

“We are certain that the ATR is the best all round aircraft for PNG now available, and that it will continue to be the best during its operating life with us. Operating the best and newest aircraft in the market is an exciting move forward for PNG Air and for all domestic air travellers in PNG,” said Muralee Siva, PNG Air’s Chief Executive Officer in an address to the company’s staff.

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