November 29, 2015

PM Peter O'Neill says loans are necessarily to remove "sins" of the past government

PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister  Peter O’Neill says loans are a necessity to keep the country going because of the “sins of past governments”. He said this last Thursday when addressing people at Queen’s Park in Mt Hagen.  He also fired a broadside at his critics, saying their own sins reached “as high as the moon and back”. “A lot of money has gone missing,” O’Neill said.
“Today, I have to borrow money to develop our country. I know that money will come from my oil, from my gas. I don’t go and steal money from other people. I’m a landowner. I know where this is coming from.”
O’Neill hit out at people who continuously attacked leaders.
“They say this Government is corrupt, these people are corrupt, so we should change the Government,” he said.
“Look at their history. We have our history, they have their history. We have a history of three to four years. They have a long history. Some of their sins will be lined up as high as the moon and back.
“We are not all perfect. Some of us are sinners as well. But we don’t have this attitude like little children who go around looking for ways of destroying other people. We want to move on. We want to make sure that the country is moving on.
“We don’t destroy other people or steal from other people.”