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Kina launches new brand

KINA Securities Ltd has launched its new brand to mark its transformation as the country’s fourth largest bank following its acquisition of Maybank PNG.
KINA Group chief executive officer Syd Yates said the distinct new brand was a reflection of the organisation’s local roots while positioning it to support the future prosperity of PNG and its people.
“We’ve contributed to the region’s social fabric for three decades and now have even more financial products and services to help Papua New Guineans build the lives they choose,” he said.
“PNG’s growing population is seeking better and broader financial services, and the new Kina provides an opportunity for customers to join a locally-grown organisation with progressive, accessible financial services.”
The new Kina will operate through two main divisions – Kina Bank and Kina Wealth – offering a broad range of products and services. They include savings account, mortgages, business loans, insurance, stockbroking and financial advice, investment management and funds administration.
“Our new uniforms are intentionally bright and distinct and reflect the friendliness of our people and their customer service,” he said.
The Kina logo draws inspiration from the traditional, woven bilum bag and the bold patterns of tapa bark cloth. The intertwined strands reflect the two-way partnership between Kina and its customers, covering in a common goal of prosperity. The brand slogan “Together it’s possible” makes a pledge to customers, reinforcing the strong relationship that forms the cornerstone of the Kina brand.

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