November 30, 2015

Healthy population adds value to developments in PNG

A healthy population adds value to what a government provides, benefiting and actively participating in the country’s development programs and agendas, says Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye.

“In PNG, it is no exception and that an integral part of the human is the health of a person.

“Without good health, every other activity designed to empower a human being will not succeed,” said Mr Polye on the eve of the World Aids Day.

He said it was appalling to note that about 27 adolescents got infected hourly with the virus globally.

Mr Polye said the Aids prevalence rate in the country was amongst the highest in the region, adding more awareness campaigns need to be undertaken aggressively to help minimise it.

“Previously awareness campaigns were done to educate our people of the deadly virus but now it has been dormant, making us to wander how best we can address it,” he said.

He expressed concern that PNG was on a time bomb and that the disease had posed a health risk.

Polye has called on the government to take a holistic approach on this, saying the disease might wipe out the active population if given blind eye.

“When the Opposition is in power, we will adequately capacitate the Medical Research Institute along with Health Task Force and other related bodies to competently carry out their mandated functions.

“The research works they do need to be published for awareness purpose,” said Mr Polye.