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Emails reveal assassination plot to kill all members of Fijian government

Email correspondences between some local and overseas anti-government elements – on plans to assassinate members of Fijian government have emerged.

The emails were found on a computer by the owner of an internet shop in Lautoka after a customer left their email open.

One of the e-mails obtained by FBC News – dated 28 August, 2015 reveal an assassination plot of all government MP’s.

The actual dates of when the attacks are to take place are coded as well as the names of people and places involved.

The email says someone – code named -149125198 – would arrange for disciplined officers, while the recipient of the email – would arrange for the man power to carry out the attack.

It says the attack should take place during a Parliamentary sitting and the Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum should be present at the time.

It gives clear orders to “Shoot all members" and also to shoot an opposition member code named 2913114.

The email adds, that "all should be dead.”

Another email – titled ’ Change of Plan’ reveals that an earlier plan – devised to take place in September did not eventuate.

It also claims that some police and military are on the side of the plotters.

Meanwhile the police commissioner has stopped making comments on this issue while police from suva and military investigate this matter.

Rajneel Singh – the owner of the internet shop is still recovering in hospital after police turned on him when he reported the emails.


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