November 30, 2015

Catholic Church to distribute relief supplies to the drought affected Highlands of PNG

The drought and frost affected areas of the highlands region will receive relief supplies from the Catholic  Church. The Catholic Church is one of the agencies that is in the forefront of distributing supplies especially to people who are disadvantaged such as the elderly, sick, orphans and people living with disabilities.
General Secretary of Catholic Bishop Conference for Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Father Victor Roche in a media conference this morning said that a team consisting of the members from Caritas PNG and Caritas Australia did an assessment of drought and frost situation in the highlands regions and representatives of each dioceses have presented reports and proposals to bring relief in the affected areas.
Fr. Roche said upon these reports the Catholic Church has already given K300 000 for relief supplies and the church with the help of Caritas Australia and New Zealand will continue to give further assistance towards this relief program which will be administered by the local diocese to serve the affected communities and about 10 000 people will receive assistance from this program.