November 30, 2015

Brother who lost sibling wants Police Officers to be behind bars

Loosing a sibling to the hands of law enforcers and not from tribal enemies or other harmful means is totally unacceptable.

That was the thought expressed by Nathan Rema who is the big brother of Nelson Nene Rema was shot dead by police on Thursday night (26th November) when driving back home with the company of two of his relatives, Private James Beno and aunty Londe Pindia.

Nathan said that when he went to the morgue to see the dead body of his brother he was lost for words and couldn't believe how law enforcers could do such thing to normal Papua New Guineans.
"When I heard about the bad news and went to the morgue to see my brother I just saw his corpse from a distant and didn't wanted to go in to have a closer look at him because I couldn't believe this will happen to my small brother," said Nathan.

"I want those police officers that shot my brother point-blank to be brought to justice and be locked up behind bars then i will have peace and i will be satisfied," he said.
Nathan also said that the story that followed regarding the inhumane acts which police did to his brother and the other two surviving relatives was very disturbing.

"Police after shooting my brother told my cousin brother Private James Beno and our aunty to lay face down on the road and then spit betel nut on them and even pissed on them," Nathan said.
"One of the Policemen even peed inside the mouth of our aunty who is an elderly women, after attempting to rape her, and then forced her to drink his pee."
"Such act of police officers shows that these people are sick in the head and do not deserve the uniform they are wearing so I am calling on the Government and the Police Hierarchy to take this case seriously and have all the officers involved brought to justice and locked up."