October 8, 2015

Officer detained, charged with rape

A POLICE constable who locked up a couple and then allegedly raped the woman in Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea has been charged and detained.
The accused from the Criminal Investigation Department is likely to appear before the district court today.
Provincial police commander Chief Supt Martin Lakari said the incident allegedly took place at the Hagen police station on May 16.
The constable has been charged with rape, deprivation of liberty, unlawful use of motor vehicle and corruption.
Lakari said the accused spotted the couple at Mondo Market in Mt Hagen city, arrested them based on a warrant of arrest order issued by the district court for the victim’s husband.
He said the accused ordered the couple into the police vehicle and he drove their  vehicle back to the police station.
He said the rape victim was not included in the warrant of arrest issued by the court but was locked together with her husband.
Lakari said the accused returned to the cell later and took the victim to his office, pretending to interview her and asked her to marry him.
He said that when the victim refused, he kissed her and grabbed her breast while she was sitting on a chair.
He then threatened her, forced her onto the floor and raped her.
Lakari said the accused then returned her  to the cell and locked her up.
He said that the matter was reported to the internal police investigation unit, the matter was investigated and accused arrest on Wednesday.
“I want the law to take its own course when dealing with the officer and I will wait for the outcome of the court before taking other disciplinary actions,” Lakari said.
He said that he would not accommodate police officers who were trying to tarnish  the image of the police force and destroy the trust that people had in the police.
He said policemen and women were not above the law and would face the full force of the law if they broke the law. The Nationla

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