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Madang - Ramu Highway needs urgent upgrading

MEMBER for Usino-Bundi, Anthon Yagama is taking to task the National Works Department and Madang Provincial Works Department including the Works Minister to immediately fix the deteriorating Ramu-Madang portion of the highway and bridges.
MP Yagama expressed concern that the travelling publics including business houses in Madang have been seriously affected due to deteriorating phase of the road, including the unattended collapsed bridges over the years.
“The Omeya and Wasigo bridges are not attended to since they collapsed. When we face rainy season, traffics will be blocked off,”
“My people from Usino-Bundi, the general public and business houses are seriously affected. Why the national government putting blind eye on this important infrastructure,” Mr. Yagama said.
The local MP said Madang is accommodating major important investors including Ramu NiCo Mine, Marengo Mine, PMIZ, RD Tuna and RD Cannery and other business houses who use the road every day.
“These investors provide employment opportunities to the people of Madang and PNG, they pay tax to the country and directly developing the province. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure public infrastructures are in good condition,” Mr. Yagama said.
Mr. Yagama also highlighted that Ramu NiCo’s Kurumbukari (KBK) mine which is located in the Bundi LLG is constantly facing traffic problem due to very bad road and bridge conditions.
“The collapse of Omeya Bridge to Lae and Ramu makes it difficult for KBK Mine to transport its machineries and other goods and services from Lae. The collapsed Wasigo Bridge makes it difficult for KBK Mine to access Madang,” Mr. Yagama said.
Ramu NiCo uses the highway to transport fuel for its KBK Mine power plant, transports shift staff to Madang and Lae and transports other goods and services for the mine operations.
To overcome some of these obstacles, Ramu NiCo has assisted the Madang Provincial Works Department to fix portion of the highway and the bridges recently. They include Kawarwar landslip repair and upgrade work, Wasigo Bridge emergency work, Naru Bridge emergency work and other maintenance and repair works which cost Ramu NiCo substantial amount of money.
1. Ramu NiCo fixed the Iguruwe bridge and road culvert that assists the travelling public today
2. The initial collapse of Wasigo bridge that is yet to be fixed till today

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