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A new alliance has been formed in the region this week to fight against Tuberculosis.
The historic Asian Pacific TB Caucus was formed in Sydney by Parliamentarians to drive progress against this intractable disease.
Some 60-percent of the world’s T-B cases occur in the Asia Pacific region, where nearly five million people fall ill each year.
Delegates from India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia formed the first parliamentary regional network under the Global TB Caucus.
Without swift action, drug-resistant TB will claim the lives of an additional 40million people in the Asia Pacific region over the next 35 years, and drive down economic growth.
Members of the Asia Pacific TB Caucus vowed to take action both collectively and individually to drive progress by working with national parliaments, and regional and global organizations to build support for necessary policies and to mobilize resources to effectively tackle the disease.
The body has a priority of supporting patients and vulnerable groups and to help lift the burden of stigma from T-B patients and their families as outlined in the Stop T-B Partnership’s Global T-B Plan 2016-2020 and the End T-B Strategy 2016-2035.

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