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PIANGO calls for leaders support on lessening climate change effect on Pacific Nations

Climate Change is taking the centre stage at the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) with Civil Society groups lead by PIANGO calling on leaders to work with them and forming a solitary move to combat its effects.
PIANGO or the Pacific Islands NGO Executive Director, Ms. Emele Duituturaga at a press conference this afternoon says it of great concern that pacific nations are losing their land mass to sea level rise due to climate change.
She said its high time Civil Society groups work with leaders of the Forum to come up with a strong resolution on what we want to be done by industrialised nations to reduce causes of climate change.
Ms. Duituturaga added that climate change is a human rights matter as well because of the displacement it is creating for the people causing them to become climate change refugees.
“Climate Change is the biggest human rights, environmental and humanitarian crisis of our time,” she said.
“We call for solidarity by our leaders; again we call the pacific to rally behind the standalone Climate Change Sustainable Development Goal as we go to Paris.”
Ms. Duituturaga was referring to the big international Climate Change meet in Paris, France in December.
Present at the conference were with the President of Kiribati, Mr. Anote Tong and CEO of Green Peace Australia, Mr. David Rither and Dr. Helen Stokes of Oxfam Australia.

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