Juffa : Vote wisely

Northern Governor Gary Juffa, says his party will not be putting up any candidate to contest the Ijivitari Open Seat by-election, but he will support any candidate who promotes good governance, displays leadership qualities and is ethical with the people's interests at heart.
Mr. Juffa also says, people should vote a person who is honest, intelligent and of sober habits.
He made this comments after having to call in police to intervene and stop a candidate from partying and singing to loud live band music into early morning hours in Popondetta town recently.
Governor Juffa said, the past three and a half years has been a wasted term for the Ijivitari district with no tangible development.
The eight weeks of campaigning has started until November 6.
Polling will start soon after on the 7th of November until the 20.
Counting of votes will take the next 21-days from there, and the writs returned on or before December the 10th.
The Opposition's Triumph Heritage Empowerment and Pangu parties have both nominated candidates in the by-election.
THE party nominated former award-winning journalist Simon Eroro, while Pangu, inspired by the win of William Samb in Goilala, has endorsed George King Baure as its candidate.
Other parties who have candidates contesting include The United Resource Party, PNG Party and the Peoples National Congress.
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