Gelu proposes cut to Political Party Numbers in PNG

The number of political parties in the country, could be slashed before the 2017 National Elections.
Currently, there are more than 30 political parties, and Registrar of Political Parties, Doctor Alphonse Gelu has suggested a cut to only ten.
He says this is to prevent dummy candidates.
Dr. Gelu meantime, has emphasized the need for stability within all political parties, to allow for overall smooth running of a government.
"For me personally I would think that having about 10 political parties would be a good number, because right now we have more than about 30 political parties," Doctor Gelu said.
A three day quarterly workshop is also underway in Port Moresby on the integrity of the political parties.
Mr Gelu says the workshop is aimed to build capacity of the party executives to manage political parties.
"Theyll be reflecting on what happened back in 2012 and then we'll try and work through with them on planning and strategies that will prepare them, for 2017 national election," Doctor Gelu further said.
Doctor Alphonse Gelu was speaking during a workshop for political parties in Port Moresby yesterday.
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