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Port Moresby Police demolish homes and properties belonging to illegal settlers

Port Moresy Police  started demolishing illegal settlers living within Allotments 11, 12, 14 right opposition the Eda Ranu Depot, 4mile, following a court order and an eviction notice.
NCD Police provided documents to this station which included a letter of DEMOLITION ORDER by NCD Building Board, dated 29th of July 2015, after which a meeting by the board confirmed that the squatter settlement at the above location had never obtained the consent of the NCD Building Authority or the relevant approving authority.
This followed a prolonged court battle between 4 defendants who were living in the area and the BLUEGRASS LIMITED, which is now the legal property owner.
The demolition came as a surprise to many families who had lived in the area for many years, including Spokesperson, Tonny Karl.
“ I have been a teacher for 39 years and I have been living in this area with my family for many years and this allotments were acquired through some deal with the land department and it is not state land, it is commercial land, “ he said.
Mr Karl said this is an abuse of human rights and authorities did not even give eviction notice. Legend FM

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