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Preachers burn Bible in Mt Hagen City

Two men in the city of Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea have burnt the holy Bible claiming  ' it is ordinary book'. 

The duo burnt the bible while preaching in the city streets. The public was stunned with the action of the men and immediately called police.

Police arrested the men and looked them up.  Papua New Guinea's main religion is the Christianity and considered the Bible as the Word of God. 

  Meanwhile  religious leaders have slammed the action of the two men.  A church leader has strongly condemned the burning of the Holy Bible in Mt Hagen last Friday.
Superintendent of the Assemblies of God church in the Highlands Pastor Peter Ropra said the two people involved in the burning of the Bible must be punished and sent to prison for destroying the Word of God.
“This is a criminal act according to the Christian faith and I totally and strongly condemn their actions,” he said.
Ropra described such people as “anti-Christ” because they burnt the Holy Word of God.
“Such people must be banned from preaching in public places because they will totally mislead the people,” Ropra said.
“The Word of the Lord has created the universe and everyone including the devil respects it.”
He described them as fools who were deceived by the devil to burn the Bible.

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