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Namah maintains position

WEST Sepik Governor Belden Namah insists that he will remain in the position irrespective of the result of the current regional seat by-election.
He is challenging the State and those opposing his election as Governor by the provincial assembly last April to take the matter to court.
“Even if someone is declared the Regional MP, I will still be the Governor,” he said.
“The elected Regional MP has to come to the Sandaun provincial assembly and put up a vote of no confidence against me. And if not, I’ll be the Governor until (the) 2017 (general election). If the Inter-Government Relations Minister Grand Chief Leo Dion, Treasury Minister and Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch, Nuku MP Joseph Sungi and Telefomin MP Solan Mirisim have any issue with me as the Governor, then they can take me to court.” 
Namah questioned Attorney-General Ano Pala in Parliament why the Sandaun provincial assembly clerk Simon M’lendu was suspended for chairing the assembly meeting on April 22 which elected him to be the Governor. Pala said he would reply after consulting his officers.
State Solicitor Daniel Rolpagarea, in a letter dated June 29 to the secretary to the Provincial and Local Level Government Department Munare Uyassi stated that Namah’s election as Governor failed to follow proper procedures. But Namah said the State Solicitor’s legal opinion was not final and could be disputed in court.
“I want to assure the people in the province that I am still the Governor and will only relinquish my governorship if my PNG Party candidate Gregory Kapanompo wins the regional by-election.”

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