June 16, 2015

Tweed eye win over PNG Hunters

THE Tweed Head Seagulls are aiming to break the Papua New Guinea Hunters’ winning streak when they face off at the Piggabeen Sports Complex, Gold Coast, on Sunday.
Having seven straight wins since round seven in the Queensland Cup, the question floating around the Hunters camp in Kokopo is whether they will maintain their winning formula.
Remaining fourth on the Queensland Cup ladder with 22 points, the SP-sponsored team has been mentioned in the Queensland media as a physical team to be wary of. The ninth-placed Tweeds had a very strong game against the Easts Tigers over the weekend, coming up with a 24-all draw, and word on the grapevine was that they were aiming to break the Hunters winning streak.
Hunters coach Michael Marum said yesterday the boys had recovered well after an exclusive game against the Souths Logan Magpies and are focused for this weekend’s round 15 clash.  
Both sides met in Kalabond in round 4, where the Hunters won 38-10.  
With the PNG boys going away from home to play the Tweeds, who have a good home ground record, Marum has cued his men to be on alert, as they aim to maintain their class of the past weeks. 
“The last time we played at the Piggabeen, we lost 60-28 to the Tweeds. Now we want to win because we have never won there. I am sure we will be prepared for the encounter,” Marum said.
Hunters: Stargoth Amean, Adex Wera, Thompson Teteh, Noel Zeming, Oti Bland Tony, Israel Eliab, Ase Boas, Henry Noki, Wartovo Puara, Esau Siune, Brandy Peter, Lawrence Tu’u, Adam Korave, Willie Minoga, Timothy Lomai, Sebastian Pandia, Edward Goma.  Changes likely.  The National

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