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Sir Peter Ipatas humbled by award

ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says he is humbled by being awarded the Order of the British Empire.
He was recognised for his “distinguished service to the community through his significant contribution to the economic and social development, particularly in health, education and vocational training, of Enga”.
Sir Peter worked his way up from a councillor getting paid K6 a month, to a fulltime politician for Enga.
He entered politics in 1996 and is the country’s longest serving governor. Many call him the “Action Governor” because of the many development initiatives in all sectors of the economy, in particular education.
“I regret not completing my studies at UPNG, but it is my people’s calling to serve them,” he said.
“Being recognised makes you feel good for what you are doing in society. For me, it is a challenge to change the mindset of my people, to respect the law.
“I am humbled by the recognition. Last year, I received the Logohu award. 
“When you get more awards like these, you feel you need to give more to serve the people and society.”
Sir Peter is among three others who received knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday honours. The others are Sir Andrew Trawen (Electoral Commissioner), Sir Warwick Andrew (retired judge) and Sir Kostas Constantinou. The National

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