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BSP staff vow to give best as Games volunteers

19 Bank South Pacific (BSP) staff engaged with the BSP Wantok volunteer programme as Team Leaders have vowed to give their best come July 4th.

Bank Staff in BSP Wantok Volunteer Team
They have promised to be great ambassadors for PNG and give a memorable experience for athletes, officials and spectators who come to Port Moresby for the Games.

Naomi Numbabus, a Product Development officer, will be playing a role in the Accreditation Functional Area during the games and is excited to be part of the BSP Wantok Volunteer team.

"As an accreditation officer, I am to ensure that certified athletes and volunteers have access to certain areas of the games venues. I will be in the team that is responsible to hand out access cards to authorised Athletes or personnel according to their different sporting codes."

"This is going to be exciting as I will be able to interact with the athletes and for me as a Papua New Guinean to understand and appreciate diversity in culture and the unity that sports bring," Ms Numbabus said.

Ms Numbabus is adamant that the role in the team will give benefit her professional career in the long run.

"I look at my role as a great way to expand on my people and communication skills also. I believe it will greatly assist me with my work here at BSP, as this role will manage the movement of athletics and staff to venues," Ms Numbabus said.

For those heading down to Bisini parade grounds for soccer, cricket and softball events should expect spectator the best experience from Rita Memafu-Lawrence and her team.

The Team Leader Administration with BSP's Lending Unit will be also playing a vital role as Spectator Services Team Leader with BSP Wantoks. For this qualified Netball Empire and mum Ms Lawrence is determined to bring a higher level of spectator services for those attending the games at Bisini.

"Spectator Services is all about managing people and to ensure spectators have the BEST PACIFIC GAMES EXPERIENCE here on our home soil Papua New Guinea," Ms Lawrence said.

"My expectation prompts me to perform to the best I can, based on my BSP's Core Values and its Service Standards. This is a huge challenge," she added.

It's a family affair now for Ms Lawrence with children Laka and Dineheilo signing up with the BSP Wantok Volunteers.

"My children Laka and Dineheilo have joined hands with me as BSP Wantok Volunteers making me a proud parent and on behalf of my family I want to say thank you to BSP for giving employees and dependants memorable games experience," Ms Lawrence said.

The other staff include: Susan Geita, Alice Ane, Ruth Lawrence, Harold Malken, Cynthia Ame, Timothy Mombi, Philemon Nop, Mary Dimokari, Rose Vei; Zoe Wase; Theresa Mulina; Aonega Asi; Roy Askon; Elmah Magari; Gideon Lafana; Oala Eure; Kathy Jack and Anna Eri.

They all share similar sentiments to Rita and Naomi.

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