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PNG able to grow variety of rice types

PAPUA New Guinea can grow rice for commercial use says the Pilipino Seed Technology and senior consultant of Sun-Light (SL) Agritech Corporation Dr Frisco M Malabanan PhD of the Gabadi Hybrid rice project.

Dr Frisco said this after the second harvest of the farm on Tuesday for SL 12 rice, which was purely and naturally treated without use of chemicals.

He said the quality of the product comes to the credit of the country that PNG has the ideal temperature, weather and soil for growing the commodity.

Moreover, Koren Maso, from Village Garden Limited, said three types of rice were being trialled; SL8, SL12 and SL18.

The second harvest which was the SL 12 is one of the best in the production.

Mr Maso added that scientists who developed hybrid rice from the Philippines said PNG has the essential elements to grow rice on a large scale and go commercial.

Meanwhile, managing director of Small Village Gardening Philip G Davies also said that, with the second harvest on Tuesday, we can now prove to the people that variety of rice types can be grown in Papua New Guinea.

"We have the machineries and you have the land, so we can do a good farming when we use the capitals together for the production," Mr Davis said.

"One of the biggest things we wanted to get across to the people of PNG is food security.

"We must learn to cater for our future and one of the best ways is to do rice farming as a source to protect our future," he said.

It takes 120 days (four months) to grow and harvest rice.

And the next harvest for SL 18 will be in mid June. Farmers predictably believe that it will also be a harvest to remember.

Source: Post Courier / One PNG

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