PNG needs high moral standards

Parliament Speaker Theodore Zurenuoc says, Papua New Guinea needs high moral standards now more than ever.
Mr. Zurenuoc says, the world has reached a time in history where mankind has lost all moral consciousness, with people no longer able to tell the difference between right and wrong.
He says, the government must now take a stand on morals and values based on bible principles, to guide the country into the future.
Delivering the 404 year-old King James Bible from the United States, Speaker Zurenuoc says it's high time PNG raises its moral standards.
"We need moral values more than anything else in this nation. Prime Minister, your government must now make it its central agenda, that will form the cornerstone of our nation's development and progress."
He also welcomed the level of discussions already generated by the bible. He says there needs to be more awareness on the Word of God.
"And you will know that the bible is the only source that contains those values, more than any other faith documents.
"If you want to fight corruption, if you want peace, if you want good order, if you want discipline, and if you want to build the nation with national patriotism. Then you better teach morality."
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