2015 Digicel Cup Results and Ladder

The Digicel Cup is a semi- professional rugby league tournament in Papua New Guinea. It is run throughout  the year. It is sponsored by Mobile phone company Digicel and administered by Papua New Guinea National Rugby League (PNGNRL). On this page we provide updated results, ladder and news  of the tournament for 2015.


After 11 rounds, the Lae Tigers are sitting on top of the ladder as competition leaders of the 2015 Digicel Cup.
Despite their 18-0 loss to the Simbu Lions last Sunday in the cross over round, the Tigers have kept their lead on the ladder, but only by one point.
The Tigers are on 18 points ahead of the Lions on 17 points. The Hela Wigmen are continuing their surge towards the finals sitting in third place on 16 points
The current ladder is: Lae Tigers (18), Simbu Lions (17), Hela Wigmen (16), Agmark Gurias (16), Mendi Muruks (12), Goroka Lahanis (12), Port Moresby Vipers (10), Mt. Hagen Eagles (7), Waghi Tumbe (6), Gulf Isapea (6).

Round Four

 Gurias 28 Vipers 22,
Muruks 22  Wigmen 10,
Eagles 26    Lions 26,
Mioks 10 Tumbe 4,
Lahanis 30 Isapea 8.

Bye: Lae Tigers

Round Three

Gurias 20  Lae Tigers 10
Isapeas 16  Vipers 8
Eagles 14  Mioks 12
Lions 22 - Muruks 8
Wigmen 24 - Waghi Tumbe 12


 Round Two

Eagles 24 Tumbe 10 (Jiwaka)
Muruks12 Mioks 10 (Joe Keviame Oval)
Lions 18 Wigmen 10 (Dickson Oval)
Tigers 48 Vipers 0 (Lae League Ground)
Guria 18 Lahanis 10 (Kalabond)
Bye: Gulf Isapeas 

Round One

Mendi Muruks 28                Mt Hagen Eagles 16
Enga Mioks  18                  Hela Wigmen 14
TNA Lions    22                 Whagi Tumbe  14
Lae Snacks Tigers 28          Goroka Lahanis 12
Rabaul Gurias  22                Gulf Isapeas  18

bye: Port Moresby Vipers        

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