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PANGU, THE Parties join forces

TRIUMPH Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party and Pangu Pati have joined forces.
Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil assured those who attended  a fundraising dinner on Saturday that policies and visions would be determined by the desires and aspirations of citizens.
“Among other policies, agricultural industry skills based development will be the pillar while free education and free healthcare will be embed into the constitution and become a law,” Basil said.
“It shall no longer become a political football and gimmick during national elections but an obligation of any future governments to serve people while focusing on improving infrastructures, training and service delivery only.”
The Opposition coalition called on the Government to priorities agriculture, agriculture processing and local manufacturing because those industries had the potential to mitigate high living costs and high import prices, he said.
Opposition leader Don Polye said Basil was one of the few leaders he recognized to trust and admire and whom THE Party immediately formed a strategic alliance with.

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