An elderly man identified as Assy Biap from Waria in the Wau/Bulolo district of Morobe province was brutality murdered at Bulolo at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon.
His younger sister Susan Biap said his brother’s death resulted from a family argument with the other group of people also from Waria some time back over a financial report on a vehicle which had built up over time.
She said the deceased was chased by a group of armed men with knives and a gun, where he was shot at twice, one on his right neck and the other on his left rib.
She said, after the deceased fell on the ground the armed men ran towards him and started attacking him with knives.
The deceased is the cousin brother of sitting Lord Mayor Mr Koim Truli Leahy.
A very emotional Lord Mayor Mr Leahy when paying a visit to his late brother’s body at the Angau Memorial Morgue yesterday appealed to police in the province to apprehend the culprits involved in his murder.
Mr Leahy is also calling on the suspects involved in his late brother’s murder to surrender to police and face the full force of the law.
He added there are many deaths in the province that have been swamped under the carpet without law enforcing officers apprehending the suspects to face justice.
Mr Leahy further stated Lae City and Morobe Province must be safe for residents and such incidents must not happen in the province.
He added Morobe province should be the safest place to live in.
The Lord Mayor is calling on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the Morobe Provincial Government under the leadership of the Morobe Governor Kelly Naru to reinforce the current law so that persons committing such brutal murder can be penalised.



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