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Young Mother shot dead in Lae

THE wife of a Lae businessman died after she was shot on the back of her head last Thursday morning as she was driving home from a New Year’s party, it has been revealed.
Moanna Pisimi was killed by a bullet fired from what is believed to be a high-powered gun, which went through the rear window of the family vehicle she was driving, and hit her on the back of her head. Another shot went through the rim of the right rear tyre of the vehicle.
Husband Thomas Pisimi, the managing director of R and Sons Construction, believes that police had shot her during a car chase as she was returning home. The incident happened several kilometres from the family home at Beach Street near Boundary Road.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Iven Lakatani declined to speak to the media yesterday. But he is expected to hold a media conference today.
Moanna and Thomas have sons – McLaren, Reagan and Petrus. They were planning to have their wedding early this year.
Thomas yesterday challenged police to thoroughly investigate the matter and bring to justice those involved.
He told The National that he and Moanna with some family friends had celebrated New Year at the Dragon’s Entertainment Centre.
They left at 3am and the two travelled home separately. He lost track of her somewhere along the way and only discovered that she was missing when he arrived home.
“She drove out first in her car and she had my phone with her. We followed her out, drove up the mountain to Top Town and arrived home only to find out that she was not home,” she said.
“I loaded my boys into my car and searched for her around town. After searching in Chinatown, we stopped the car near Butibam cemetery because I knew something was wrong.
“We stopped a security firm’s car and asked if they had seen a white Land Cruiser vehicle going that way. They told us that there was a car along Back Road and police and security were already there.
“We arrived at the scene only to find that she was still inside the car. The windows were locked. We broke the windows and got her out.
“But she was already gone.”
He said she was shot on the back of her head. He has formally lodged a complaint with police in Lae and Port Moresby.
He has requested that “neutral” police officers from Port Moresby investigate the matter.
“I am deeply shocked and saddened by the manner in which I lost my beloved wife,” he wrote in a letter to the Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki.

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