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PNG's Ramu NiCo sets 2015 production target

RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd has set this year’s production target at 83% capacity rate during its ongoing project ramp up and this is also in line with requirements from MCC-Group, the financier and major shareholder of the only nickel and cobalt project in the country. Ramu NiCo is currently operating at 70% design capacity.

If the planned technical bottlenecks are overcome with favourable natural and social environment including rainy seasons in favour of Ramu NiCo Project this year, then the production capacity can reach 83 per cent design capacity.

This was announced by Mr Wang Jicheng, president of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd during the Ramu NiCo 2015 Annual Work Report Conference held on Monday January 26 via video conferencing including Beijing Office, Madang Base, Basamuk Refinery and KBK Mine sites, attended by all staff from Beijing Office, Madang Base, deputy superintendents and senior managers.

Chairman Zhong Shaoxing, president Wang Jicheng, vice president Wang Baowen also attended and the conference was chaired by vice president Charles Zha from Madang.

With the fluctuating nickel and cobalt world price and other uncontrolled external and internal factors, Mr Wang said the project would still make a loss in 2015 with the deficit control within the set target even if 83% design capacity was achieved.

"Currently, we are faced with the development of quality, challenging process bottlenecks, team stability and cross-cultural management and other aspects.

"To increase production capacity and operational management level, we have established a ‘12345’ management approach, to complete various tasks centering on cash flow and ramp up," Mr Wang said.

The ‘12345’ approach" includes: manage cash flow, ensure competition and Health, Safety and Environment, make changes in operation philosophy, innovative development and step up progress in production.

Mr Wang said 2015 was not only a challenging year but also a year to fight for survival and explore potentials to increase benefits.

Chairman Zhong in his closing remark said Ramu NiCo Project was the flagship Project of MCC-Group and if successful then it would be the largest INVESTMENT by any Chinese enterprises outside China.

Chairman Zhong and President Wang urged all staff in the Ramu NiCo Project to be vigilant, take pride in the Project and work hard to deliver the Project so all stakeholders can realise the benefits.

Meanwhile, President Wang set the project to have "zero fatality" this year with Community Affairs to work closely with the external stakeholders, especially, the landowners to create a harmonious environment to safeguard the operation.

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