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Manus Island detainees pass out after sewing lips together; another man treated for swallowing razor blades

Two asylum seekers who sewed their lips together at the Manus Island detention centre pass out and another is treated for swallowing razor blades, a detainee says. At least two of the 15 asylum seekers who sewed their lips together yesterday have passed out at the Manus Island detention centre, a detainee says.
The ABC has obtained photos from the centre of two men being treated by medical staff. An asylum seeker says they were among those who stitched their lips together in protest at their lengthy detention, poor conditions and the prospect of resettling in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
"Two person before today they sewed their lips, they fall down and the medical they come very emergency [sic] and they took them from here," a detainee told the ABC. An asylum seeker who spoke to the ABC yesterday said 15 people had sewn their lips together and 400 men were on a hunger strike. An Egyptian asylum seeker is also believed to be undergoing medical treatment on Manus Island after swallowing three razor blades yesterday in a protest against his detention.
The Immigration Department has not released any new information today about the protest.
The 39-year-old asylum seeker was said to be part of Egypt's minority Christian community, fleeing religious persecution. The ABC spoke to an asylum seeker who said he translated for health workers treating the man.

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