December 9, 2014

Parkop warns looters

POWES Parkop, in his capacity as the Governor of the National Capital District, has given his blessing for the use of firearms to disable people while preventing them from looting any more shops.

"On Saturday, I spoke with the Police hierarchy to have zero tolerance with looting," he said.

"That means if we have to shoot people and disable them, they have that blessing from me as governor."

This follows the outcry by the business community in the country who have indicated that they are being targeted by opportunists who are taking advantage of the recent standoff between the soldiers and policemen.

"The business sector has expressed disappointment at what has happened, and that their premises are been targeted."

"I want to offer my apologies on behalf of the people to the business houses for the loss properties.

"It is regrettable but it has happened and I hope common sense prevails now so that it doesn’t happen again."

The Governor commended the hierarchy of the Defence and Police Force for bringing the situation under control.

"I want to appeal to the people of the City not to take advantage of the situation."

It has also come to the governor’s attention that there are rumours of people organising followers on this looting.

"I’ve been assured by the Commander of the defence force that the soldiers are not involved in that, people are just sending text here and there making false stories to incite people unnecessarily."

People should be mindful now that the police are authorised to use firearms to restrain people from unnecessary looting.

Author: verified_user