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Undercover Policemen apprehend drug dealers

TWO drug dealers from the central province met their fate when they mistook undercover policemen for clients.

“The young men from the Goilala District of the Central province who were standing with three bags of marijuana on the junction of Tapini and the Trans highway in the central province approached the undercover detectives thinking they were there to buy drugs,”

Detective Chief Inspector Joel Kapinias, the Officer in charge of the National Drug and Vice Squad told the media in Port Moresby yesterday.

He said the men have been arrested and charged together with three others who cultivate and sell drugs (marijuana) in large quantities in the Kairuku and Mekeo Local Level Government areas of the Central Province.

The men were sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour by the Boroko District Court on Monday.

“My men have uprooted 2162 matured marijuana plants during a two weeklong operation in the Kairuku and Mekeo LLGs in the central province,” he said

“The cultivation and sale of marijuana in the Kairiku and Mekeo areas of the Central is rampant and the local community is faced with a lot of social problems associate with the drug.” He added

Inspector Kapinias says the operation was planned and conducted at the request of the local leaders in the area who were fed-up of youths causing problems in the community associated with drugs.

According to the detective the operation which ran from the 13th to the 19th of this month was conducted in the Inawi, Tesubaibu, Eboa, Rairai,Inawabui and Angabangia villages in the Kairuku and Mekeo LLG areas of the Central Province.

In commending his men for a job well done and the community leaders of the area for providing police with the information linking to a successful operation, the Chief of the Drug squad urged the general public to help in the fight against marijuana and other illicit drugs by contacting the National Drug and Vice Squad on telephone number 3217222 or mobile 716864301 / 71155255 and supply tips. The identity of those who provide information regarding cultivating and sales of drugs will be kept confidential.

Meanwhile the truckload of marijuana plants that were uprooted in the operation when fixed and packed into 50 kilogram bags weighed 334kilograms in total. ONEPNG/Post Courier

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