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Lawyers representing the Prime Minister will be going to court, to raise questions whether or not the decision by Cabinet to approve a 3-billion Kina loan from the Australian Branch of the Union Bank of Switzerland was according to law.
Peter O'Neil's legal team will be questioning the administrative process of approving such arrangements in a Supreme Court Reference.
Mr. O'Neil was referred on allegations of misconduct in office, failing to comply with administrative and financial processes including the normal overseas borrowing process in the approval of the UBS loan.
But he had maintained, that his government's action to borrow money to buy shares in Oil Search, was in the country's best interest.
"Again all these evidences will be presented.
"We know that we have followed every administrative and financial process that is necessary to get the approvals for us to go and borrow this money.
"It is not a one man decision, it was made by Cabinet.
"NEC has made that decision, endorsed that decision and infact I want to say here that we welcome this decision because it gives us an opportunity to go before the independent tribunal and the courts to determine the outcomes of this decisions base on real evidence that are going to be presented to the tribunal," Mr. O'Neil said.
Mr. O'Neil says his referral to be investigated also shows that Constitutional offices are working independently and transparently.

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