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Female boxers bring PNG Games alive

IT was an enthusiastic highlight to see female boxers show off their energetic muscles of the 54 kg division at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Indoor complex.

The bout between team NCD boxer Flora Loga and team Morobe boxer Elisa Henry, really featured exchange of powerful punching strikes.

In round one both boxers were in their quick moves to throw in superb punches which impressed their coaches, team mates and of course the packed roaring crowds of team Morobe.

It was a fair punching round for both boxers but as they head into round two, Flora was making her way around the ring to distract the attentive and determining punches from Elisa.

This round was very crucial with both boxers receiving shocking hit punches which saw both of them being called over to the ring corners for checks.

After round two ended there was cheering shouts from the supporters. "Asa Sumba," "Go Morobe"

This really got the nerves of Elisa to throw in powerful punches at Flora who was caught off guarded at certain moves. Flora reacted with well-guarded moves to stop the powering punches from her opponents but the bout was not in her favour.

Other female bouts like the 57 kg division featured Silen Kigen from team East New Britain who went on to beat Beky Lamp from team Eastern Highlands.

Boxing matches were suspended as of yesterday afternoon by the boxing referees. ONE PNG/Post Courier

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