October 23, 2014

Vaki takes tough stand on ill disciplined cops

Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki has directed that members of the Special Services Division (SSD) pictured in uniform with alcohol in their hands  be immediately identified and suspended from duty.

Mr Vaki also directed that the members be served Serious Disciplinary Offence Report (SDOR) and transferred out of SSD right away.

These actions are to be taken by today, Mr Vaki said in a minute to acting Deputy Commissioner Operations Jim Andrews.

He said it appeared that the director of SSD was not coming down hard on ill-discipline by SSD members nationwide despite his earlier directive for all commanders, provincial police commanders and the two metropolitan superintendents in Lae and Port Moresby to address ethical, dress and grooming standards and discipline.

Mr Vaki said the report on the Drum column was "a testimony to a total decline in firm command and control".

"Contrary to what critics have been saying, I am taking a zero tolerance attitude to corrupt, abusive and ill-disciplined policemen or women. Enough is enough, as I have stated," Mr Vaki said.

"Whilst not making any excuses, I ask that critics be more reasonable and constructive as I have been in the job only five months.

"Prior to my appointment and for five years I was fighting my case in the National Court.

"Anyone who knows me know that I am very passionate about discipline. I will hold all commissioned officers as well as non-commissioned officers accountable for the actions of their subordinates."
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