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School fights getting out of hand in Lae

MOROBE education committee chairman Andrew Gena has warned that school fights and killings have become a “chronic problem” in Lae schools and needed police intervention.
He was responding to the killing of a Grade 10 student at the Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School compound two Fridays ago.
Theo Bakeno, 18, from Garaina, in Bulolo, Morobe, was hit and died while being treated at the Angau Memorial Hospital. 
His death brings to three the number of students killed in school fights in the past three years.
“When something is chronic, it is sending a wrong signal to us. Too many forums and awareness have been held already. It is now time for police to intervene and arrest the ringleaders of these cult groups,” Gena said
Gena, the Leron-Wantoat local level government president and a teacher for 25 years, said the conduct of students involved in school fights was criminal in nature.
He said a recent workshop in Lae on school fights came up with some good recommendations. But implementing them is another matter.
“This time of the year is very dangerous in the school cult culture because it is the time when the passing of names take place,” Gena said.
“And one condition of this name change was to prove yourself by engaging in school fights.”
Gena said Morobe students were the ones involved in school fights and not those from other provinces.

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