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PNG to put Midwives on payroll

Village midwiferies throughout the 3000 local level government wards in the country will be on payroll by 2016, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said.

The Prime Minister said during debate time in Parliament yesterday on the report presented by the member for Sumkar Honourable Ken Fairweather on the maternal and Infant mortality rate in the country .

He said the parliament will pass a bill before 2016 to rollout village based delivery mothers in the country.

He said those village based delivery mothers will be put on the payroll of the government, an initiative to address maternal and infant mortality rate in the country after statistic from NGOs and donor agencies revealed appalling rate of birth related deaths in the country, especially in the remote communities throughout the country.
Prime Minster O’Neill said the country has put too much emphasis on law and order and other areas but the important aspect of saving human lives particularly of new born babies and mother should now be given prominence.

“It is about time we train our mothers in the communities to deliver babies in the villages well. Therefore there is a need to roll out the village based delivery mothers in every ward throughout the country.

By 2016, there should be a village based delivery mothers in all the 3000 wards throughout the country and put them on the payroll so they attend to births in the villages,” he said.

He added that addressing the falling health standard in the country was important and the government has started addressing the issues through strategic government policies and funding like the National Health Plan that makes sure that the basic health care was given to the people.

However he said the bureaucracy in the country was hindering progress like implementing government polices like the National health plan.

He said they have been incompetent and cannot carry out government policies.

Mr O’Neill said in a recent report he received, hospital authorities at the Angau hospital in Lae were opposing the Ausaid renovation work at the hospital.

He said the objection is unacceptable when people are dying and that a complete change in the attitudes of the public servants and bureaucracy is need in the country and take ownership of serving the people.

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