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High/low lottery is banned in PNG

The National Gaming Control Board says  High/Low gambling in the country is banned in PNG.
In a media release  today, NGCB says no company, organisation or individuals should conduct high/low lottery in PNG. 

The Media Release stated that NGCB is the only government body in the country that is empowered to regulate and license all forms of legalized gambling activities including lottery games.
Imelda Agon stated that in 2009, the NGCB carried out an operation with the assistance of Police and confiscated and destroyed all HI/Low equipments.
She stated that as per the National Gazette Notice G22 Hi/Low is illegal and was declared an unlawful game on the 14th of February 2008.
The Media release gave out a warning also that anyone found organizing, assisting or conducting this illegal gambling activity if caught will either be fined or imprisoned for a tern not exceeding twelve (12) months or both.

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