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Democracy intack : Parkop

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says there is no need for an Opposition for democracy to survive in Papua New Guinea.
He said that during grievance debate in Parliament last Friday, after former Attorney-General Kerenga Kua lamented the demise of Opposition.
“In the United States of America, do we have an opposition?” Parkop asked.
“Yet, they are still a democracy, they are able to criticise, check and balance on each other, so why are we worried so much that we will lament and cry over the demise of the Opposition.
Parkop said the system was based on English culture and traditions so that system worked for them.
“I am not ashamed to advocate for a presidential system,” he said.
Parkop said Section 145 of the Constitution had been allowed to become a “sacred cow” for which the country had paid a high price.
“How can you assess the performance of a prime minister for only six months, 18 months, and now we’re trying to change it to 30 months?” he said.
“The demise of the Opposition, of course we all regret it, but we should all be mature enough.
“We are all attacking each other for political brinkmanship in this country, for power.”

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