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Madang Governor Jim Kas joins government

THE shortfall in the Madang provincial government budget by nearly K15 million and the Manam issue has forced Governor Jim Kas to cross the floor to the Government.
He said the main reason for his switch from the Opposition benches was that the Government was delaying the approval of the Manam Restoration Act, which would allow Manams living in care centres to be resettled.
Kas said he was not receiving the full service improvement funds for the province on time and many big projects which he had planned had been delayed.
“We have a shortfall of K12.4 million last year and K13.5 million for this year. I hope they will give me everything since I joined,” Kas said. 
Kas’s announcement yesterday was made in the presence of a few public servants, his staff and members of the public.
He said the Manams had been living in care centres for nearly 10 years and he made a promise to resettle them when he was declared Governor in 2012.
“Officially I moved to the Government on Saturday – specifically the National Alliance. And I want to say that all the people of Madang are with the government now,” Kas said.
 “I told the National Alliance leader that I come to join you so you will help me make the Manam Restoration Act become law.”
Kas and Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour left the opposition and joined the National Alliance Party.
Kas said he felt at peace crossing the floor after being loyal to the PNG Party for two years.

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