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Governor slams Lae biometric program

MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru has labeled the biometric program as unconstitutional and an invasion of privacy. Mr Naru said this when addressing the Yabem District Lae City Circuit conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG at Four Mile in Lae.

He told the congregation that the biometric rollout program by Lae MP Loujaya Kouza in her electorate has no constitutional justification and therefore is illegal. He said it impinged on the intrinsic value of liberty, freedom and the right to privacy as guaranteed by the National Constitution.

"Where does is say in the constitution that you are required to give away your personal information about your facial features, your eyes and fingerprint, your name, street details, your professional details, " Mr Naru asked.

"As far as I am concerned and the Mama Law is concerned, it is unconstitutional. "The National constitution guarantees us all protection and that includes protection against the invasion of our privacy.

"You cannot be forced to reveal your private details to anyone, no, your fingerprints, your eye details, these are unique and only known to yourself, they are your private details, they are protected by law.

"This biometric registration amounts to invasion of privacy which is against the spirit of constitution which guarantees every Papua New Guinean protection of their right to privacy."

Mr Naru also said the biometric program has created fear and anxiety among the Christian population of Morobe.

He said Morobe is a Christian province and the recording of people’s eye iris and finger printing is closely related to Biblical propercy of 666 or the Mark of the Beast referred to in Book of Revelations.

"In this regard and given their Christian beliefs, Morobeans are fearful of biometric registrations because of their belief that it is related to the mark of the anti-Christ," he said.

"These issues were not address before the biometric program was rolled in Lae.

"I as deputy chairman of the Lae District Joint District Planning and Budget Priority Committees (JDP&BPC) was not consulted , and to date over K5 million has been spent on this rollout with no tangible results to show for such a large amount of public money.

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