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Tkatchenko : We need to clean Port Moresby City before 2015 Pacific Games

Downtown Port Moresby
SPORTS Minister Justin Tkatchenko says he will be pushing for cleaner public transport systems and city in time for the 2015 Pacific Games.
He said Port Moresby’s filthy public buses and taxis, as well as the dirty city streets and public areas, were an international disgrace.
“The taxis are filthy, the buses are filthy,” Tkatcheko said.
“I’ll be speaking to the Governor (Powes Parkop), and the new Minister for Transport (Malakai Tabar).
“We have to start introducing harsher penalties.
“Traffic authorities that are in charge of all these things need to get off their a**** and putting these people off the road if they’re totally filthy and unroadworthy.
“We can’t put up with these K20, K50 bribes anymore.
“This has to stop.
“I totally agree that Transport Department has to clean up their act and get these taxis and PMVs to an acceptable and cleaner and professional order before the 2015 Pacific Games.”
Regarding the general cleanliness of the city, Tkatchenko said: “Everyday people are chucking rubbish. We’ve got to change the mentality of our people, which is impossible, so we just have to keep on maintaining the areas and probably do some more enforcement.
“You know what the mentality is like, people think that NCDC is doing the job, so they can chuck rubbish wherever they like.
“Ownership is the biggest thing, people not taking ownership of the streets or of public places.
“If a Papua New Guineans goes to Australia, he changes his attitude and stops throwing rubbish, so why can’t they do the same here?”
Meanwhile, Tkatchenko said the Games were on target, with 60% on infrastructure completed.
“By December 2014, we’ll have 90%, by April-May 2015, 100%,” he said.
“Budget and financing is going very well. Finance and Treasury are right behind us and supporting us all the way, but I want to make this very clear: I couldn’t have done this without Prime Minister O’Neill.
“He’s been backing me all the way, whenever I come into difficulties for funding, or anything.”
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