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MP slams PNC party for pirating coalition members

UNITED Resources Party (URP) president Ken Yapane has called on the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) not to entice coalition partners’ members with ministries, cash and projects.
He said that in response to a PNC statement which said two URP members, Francis Marus and Benjamin Phillip, had left the URP and joined the PNC.
URP leader, Mt Hagen MP William Duma, was recently sacked as Petroleum and Energy Minister by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
The URP constitution says a member may only resign by giving six months written notice to the party executive, hence, Marus and Phillip are legally still members.
“The two MPs have not sought release from the party and the party likewise has not released them,” Yapane said.
“We are still part of the O’Neill-Dion government and such behaviour is dishonourable.
“We, as a party, believed we have served the Prime Minister, the Government and the people of this great nation well and also have contributed meaningfully to the development aspirations of the country, despite the decommissioning of our party leader.
“We still support the current O’Neill government despite what has happened to our leader – for the sake of national unity and stable government, and the Prime Minister knows that our support is genuine.
“The members of the parliamentary wing met on Monday in Port Moresby and are solid and they will always stand with the Mt Hagen MP and will remain with the O’Neill-Dion government for a better Papua New Guinea.”
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