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More MPs join PNC Party

Last night on the 5th May 2014, will stand as a significant night for the Peoples National Congress Party (PNC) and for Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill.

The PNC met last night to hold their caucus meeting at Paddy’s Hotel to discuss the various topics prior to the resumption of Parliament sitting tomorrow.

At the meeting, the PNC had a confirmed 52 MP’s as part of the PNC. This number of MP’s joining one party has never been seen before in the history of PNG Politics and stands as great testament to the structure of the PNC party, the policy’s, the party’s commitment to PNG and PNC support towards the party leader, Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill.

The Caucus meeting was very positive and focused on key topics and policies to be discussed within Parliament over the next few days. The Prime Minister is expecting the Opposition to try and focus on the negatives within PNG, and once again use incorrect information without facts or any basis for his comments and line of questioning towards the Government.

The PNC welcomed the addition of the new MP’s to the PNC including:

- Hon. De Kewanu
- Hon. Benjamin Philip
- Hon. Francis Marus

The PNC party lead by Hon. Peter O’Neill into the 9th elections of PNG, promised the people of PNG many items and has delivered on there promises including FREE education and FREE Health care.

Back on the 1st August, 2012, the PNC were asked to form Government after winning 27 seats throughout PNG. The Prime Minister won his own seat with a 75% share of votes.

Today, nearly 24 months on from when the PNC formed Government, the PNC has grown its numbers by nearly 100%. This has occurred due to a few key facts, and all the MP’s that are now part of the PNC will stand up and support these comments:

1. The Government has the best Prime Minister in Hon. Peter O’Neill
2. The Policies and Financial planning by the PNC for PNG will see the country grow and prosper in the years to come
3. The Prime Minister has only the best interests at heart for the people of PNG, and is leading the Government and the party in a structured and confident manner to achieve results.
4. The International community has confidence in what the Prime Minister is delivering for PNG.
5. The Prime Minister is delivering on his promises and working with the cabinet and party members to deliver change to PNG as quickly as possible.
6. There is stability within the PNC and a desire to work together to achieve a corruption free environment, good governance, and an ability to discuss objectives for the country in an open manner to deliver results.

We spoke to the Prime Minister shortly after the Caucus meeting and he gave us a few short words, “ I am very pleased as the leader of the PNC to have such a dedicated party, and to have MP’s supporting our plans for the future of PNG. The reason we are gaining more support and attracting new MP’s to the PNC is simple…we talk TRUTH, we talk FACTS, we talk POLICIES, we talk BUDGETS and we talk RESULTS. We are a party here for PNG. The Opposition can try to distract people from the facts, but we are delivering results. We have delivered FREE Education, and we are about to announce new measures to support Education further including our teachers, students and even new infrastructure. We have delivered FREE healthcare, we have delivered new financial models and plans to ensure PNG gets a better return on our assets. This is why the new MP’s are joining the PNC. We are all tired of not seeing the roads we deserve, the basic services we deserve, the health systems we deserve and Government is changing this. Just look around, we are achieving results and it has only been 21 months. Give us the next 3 years, and PNG wont believe what we have achieved and delivered for them as a Government”

The Prime Minister was pleased with the Caucus meeting last night and the overall positive mood in the room of all the MP’s.

The Prime Minister concluded by saying, “We are not about being the largest Party in PNG, however it is very nice to have this kind of support from fellow MP’s. We are all about quality of service, quality of delivery and ensuring the people of PNG finally get what they deserve from their Government and their elected MP’s”

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